• EDC

    EDC is the coffee of choice among Every Day Carry enthusiasts.

    A unique triple blend crafted from carefully roasted washed Colombian and natural process Brazilian and Ethiopian beans.

    A full bodied taste with fruity and dark chocolate under tones which leaves a pleasant, lingering sweetness on the tounge, even when cold (when shooting and stabbing takes longer than planned). Ideal for cappuccinos, espresso and yes, even ice-coffee. The perfect dark and bitter brew.


      Available in 5 options.

      250gr Beans or Ground coffee.

      1kg Beans or Ground.

      Cafepresso Capsules (Nespresso machine compatible).

      100% pure coffee beans only with no additives or flavourants. A secret combination by one of SA's finest baristas.


      Since we roast on order to ensure you get the freshest coffee possible and take care to execute as per order, we don't expect any problems, but gremlins might sneak in. Returns and refunds will be handled based on the reason for requesting a return or refund.