About Us

Stefan Maritz

After serving in the SADF and SANDF as an Airborne soldier, Stefan pursued a career in security. Ranging from PSD work in various hotspots around the world, he also served in various management and training roles around the globe. Qualified in a multitude of areas from CPO to Anti Poaching, Medical, Fitness and more, Stefan still actively works in the industry.

He is also the big gun behind Dogtag and uses his skills to ensure we keep rolling out new, quality products to the satisfaction of our customers.

Deon Coetzee

Deon served in the SADF and has been involved in safety, security and self defence since the early 90’s. Owner of Fortis Pro-active Defence Solutions, Deon has extensive skills in tactical training, safety-, security- and awareness training. Being involved in the highly successful Anti Stock Theft Unit has given many years experience of crime fighting. He also holds black belts in Taekwondo, Hapkido and Judo.

He is the operations wheel behind Dogtag and his business and management experience and qualifications helps keep us on the right track.

Riaan Coetzee

Riaan is a veteran of the SADF with many years experience in training and safety and security since the late 90’s. As partner in Fortis Pro-Active Defence Solutions, he has been involved in all that Fortis has to offer – from teaching and training many individuals to being involved in farm safety and security.

Skillful salesman, he is the one that ensures our clients are happy and satisfied with the products we roll out.

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