What are you passionate about?

The reason for this question is simple. You see, passion drives you. Passion is what makes you get up in the morning. It’s the fire in your belly. It is what makes you look forward when it does not seem logical to others around you. It is what drives you when competition rises up. It is what keeps you motivated when all the cards seem to be stacked against you. It causes your blood to go into a bubbly rush, makes your skin tingle and makes you invincible. But passion speaks loudly about who you are, what you do and what you care for.

Here at Dogtag Coffee we have passion. A passion that rushes through our vains like a triple shot espresso with a tracer tip and a nitro primer. But our passion is not just coffee. Our passion is also YOU.

Yes, you the military veteran, you, the farmer. You the person on the street. You, the successfull entrepreneur. You the paintballer, the airsofter, the gamer, the 4×4 or outdoors fanantic, adventurer, gun owner, hunter and animal lover.

Why is that? Here at Dogtag we are all pretty much all of the above. We are fully bearded veterans who are for all that we protected… that is everyone. As bearded military veterans we are not taking a back seat now that the “Ja Korporaal” years are over. No, we are involved. We like our guns and our self induced insomnia like we like our coffee…strong. We are fully involved in anti-poaching and conservation on an international level. There we don’t only fight the front line against organised poaching and armed groups, but we are also involved in the training of anti-poaching personnel.

BUT it does not stop there. We are actively involved in farm security, anti stock theft operations, self defense training for everyone, fire-arm training, private protection and then we also have the best, no, the most magnificent roasted coffee in the world as we know it. And trust me, we’ve been around.

Our coffee is specially brewed from the finest green imported beans from Africa and South America. Our product is guaranteed child-labour free and is roasted fresh weekly and on demand to make sure you only get the best. And since we love nature, we don’t just chuck coffee grinds. We use them at the Mancave for you to put out that Cuban you’ve been dragging on.

As trained Baristas we offer you coffee that will not only change your day but which will contibute to a veterans’ cause and conservation from your purchase. But more than that. We offer you our passion. A passion which you can brew from the finest coffee houses you can sit down to, to that open fire, coffee boiling in a kettle early mornings when you are up before the sun, or putting your feet up before showering the day off your tired body, after a day under the sun.

You want coffee? Get Dogtag.

You want passion? Get Dogtag.

To you as owner of your passion in the weapons, security, tactical, outdoors or adventure industry, we would like you to also be able to share our passion with like minded people.

Therefore we offer Dogtag coffee as a retail option to you as owner of your passion. We offer various roasts in beans, grinds and cafepresso capsules which perfectly fits a Nespresso machine. BUT we also offer coffee machine rental options.

So share our passion as part of your passion.

Dogtag. By veterans – for everyone.